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Some Tips on How to Properly Use a Telescopic Ladder

Anyone who can climb up the stairs could pretty much use a ladder. All you have to do is take one step at a time as you climb up or down and that’s it, right? Wrong, as ladders, as opposed to stairs, are meant to be lugged around and set up, and this can pose many dangers that can lead to some very severe and serious accidents.

Thus, it is very important to adhere to some safety precautions so that you would be able to use your ladders safely. First and foremost, a Telescopic ladder has moving parts and locks. Make sure that these locks are functioning well, and that they are able to both lock properly as well as support your weight. Make regular tightening of nuts a standard practice, and regularly inspect if some areas are coming loose or are starting to wiggle.

Secondly, make sure that your ladders are balanced and are leaning against a stable surface. Try moving around at the lower rungs of a ladder that has already been set up. It should not slide around or move. Also, make sure that people or animals cannot run into the ladder and bump to it. This goes also for cars, garden hoses, and pretty much anything that can ruin the balance of the ladder.

Last but definitely not the least, avoid horseplay when you are on top of a ladder. Always climb up or down slowly or carefully, and always maintain proper balance. Never ever joke around on a ladder, and always keep a level head if a ladder begins to shake. The more you panic, the higher the chances of an accident actually happening. Always have an assistant on standby to help you with operating a ladder so that you are sure to be safe when operating a ladder inside or outside the house.

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